Casting For "The Product" Web Series

You might have seen some slight mentions across Third Pulse Media social media but we are getting ready to work on our biggest production yet.

We're casting for an upcoming web series shooting summer 2020. If interested please send a head-shot, resume, and audition tape to [email protected]. If you're interested in a main role, please provide the character of interest and your email so I can send you sides.

Send all audition materials to [email protected]

In your email subject, please include THE PRODUCT AUDITION + CHARACTER

All auditions materials must be submitted by September 30, 2019 11:59 P.M. CST

The Product: Web series 

After splitting with his girlfriend, having no job and no place to live ex hustler Demetrius returns to his old neighborhood to stay with his childhood best friend Honcho. Honcho, being still indulged in selling drugs, puts his entire operation in jeopardy causing Demetrius to reluctantly go back to his old habits.
Main Characters 
Demetrius - Mid 20’s caramel-skinned, skinny, with hair of any style. Headstrong, Complete opposite of Honcho.
Honcho - Mid 20’s dark, slightly chubby, low cut hair. Nonchalant, pothead, loves the drug game, slacker.
Side Characters:
Belly - Mid 20’s, Heavyset, any dark complexion, any hairstyle. Very noisy.
Amanda Doomey - Between ages of 50-60, between 5”4 - 5’8, Caucasian, any hairstyle. Very flirtatious.
Delilah - Mid 20’s, Pale skinned, morbid personality, heights of 5’4-5’8.
Mark - Early 30’s, 5’8-6’2, any ethnicity. Very nervous around Delilah because of his crush on her.
Big Moe - Mid to late 30’s, tall 6’2-6’5, Slim, African American. Very pushy and aggressive. Insist others do what’s in his best interest.
Angie - Mid 20’s, 5’3 - 5’6, dark-skinned, is a gold digger and only goes where the money is but is very attracted to Demetrius.
Clarence- Early 30’s, African American man, 5’8-6’2, is a gangster that recently just got out of jail.
Hype #1 - Male early 20’s African American.
Person - Anyone that is in their 20’s
Woman - African American mid 20’s
Detective #1 - Mid to late 30’s, 5’7-6’2, Loves being a cop and loves being racist.
Detective #2 - Mid to late 30’s, 6’0-6’5, Right-hand man to detective 2 and is the quiet muscle of the 2.
Big Moe’s Men - 2 muscular African American males.